Alexandra Garanto, autor en Synkrolovers

Alexandra Garanto / Coach

She was born in Barcelona and her life has always been surrounded by sport and art. He was in Communication and Industries at the University of Barcelona and she is currently studying journalism at the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona. She began in the world of the synchronized one to the 12 years, with a base of rhythmic gymnastics and a little of classic dance. She was late but something told her that she should practice this sport and now she is a synchronized swimming coach for 9-10 year old girls.

Artistic Swimming Coach experiences: Competition’s day

In today's article I will talk about one of the most important moments of syncho ... the competition day. The moment in which the artistic swimming coach begins to show you the first dry arms of the choreography, is exciting....

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Coach experience: to combine synchronized swimming with the studies

In today's article I want to explain my experience of trying to combine synchronized swimming with the studies, especially what was my first year on the university. A new phase and many changes. New circle, people, routine… a busy year...

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Mermaids out of the water

Synchronized Swimming Mermaids There is no question that synchronized swimming crosses all borders and barriers; not everything happens in the water. It is not over when the training session finishes. As in any sport, the barrier of the physical activity...

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