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Cesar Gutierrez / Physiotherapist

Born in Barcelona, in 1973 and graduated in Physiotherapy in 1995. An ex-competitor of high competition, it was precisely this sport that led him to know the physiotherapy. He has collaborated for 10 years with RFEN, having participated in 2 World Championships, 3 European Championships and the 2012 London Olympics, contributing to the achievement of more than 30 medals at the international level. He is currently developing his work in “Xammar Fisio Esport & Pilates Mataró”, where he tries to improve the health of everyone who needs it.
Hipertermia de alta frecuencia. High frequency hyperthermia. Natación sincronizada. Synchronized swimmig.

High frequency hyperthermia: how can it help us?

Today I will explain a new concept of injury treatment and prevention. It is about high frequency hyperthermia. In our center in Mataró we have been working with this type of technology for more than 10 years (currently with the...

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Masage deportivo, sports massage.

Sports massage: ¿what effects does it have?

In general, we could differentiate two types of sports massage: the pre-competition massage and the post-competition massage. As for the pre-competition massage, which is usually done a few minutes before a competition, depending on the sport, its most important effects...

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alto rendimiento natación art´sitica

Being and Not Being of the Physiotherapist in High Performance

Today I would like to tell you about our work in the high performance of a minority sport such as synchronized / artistic swimming. Obviously, our main function as a physiotherapist in high performance is to prevent, treat and recover...

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