Clara Camacho, autor en Synkrolovers

Clara Camacho / Sport psychologist

Synchronized swimming came to my life when I was 9 years old. The effort and sacrifice to improve myself every day and to be better made me little by little to improve and achieve the most important goals in my sporting life. 6 years in the Spanish National Team that have made me the person I am today. European Champion, runner-up in the world and Champion of Spain. Psychology student and master of sports psychology and coaching, master in business and sports management and senior synchronized trainer.
Ansiedad pre-competitiva. Pre-competitive anxiety. Natación Artistica. Artistic swimming. Natación Sincronizada. Synchonized swimming.

How to control pre-competitive anxiety?

It’s normal before competing to feel tense, restless, fearful. From there, we try to control the emotional state, that is to say, it’s difficult for us to control the attention and, therefore, to stay alert and we act as if...

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Natación artística. Artistic swimming. Natación Sincronizada. Synchronized swimming. Motivación. Motivation. Aprender a perder. Learn how to lose.

Positive attitude and motivation: how to learn to lose?

"The fear of failure is the fear par excellence of athletes" Learn to lose? Every athlete always likes to win, but it’s not always possible, moreover, you always have to go through defeats to get up stronger and fight the...

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Nervios pre-competición en natación sincronizada. Pre-competition nerves in synchronized swimming.

How to control pre-competition nerves?

The preseason is over, one of the hardest stages of the beginning of the new season. And for that reason, it gives rise to the stage of preparation for the next winter competitions. One of the most important things that...

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