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Leilani Torres / Coach

Current International Sports Performance Analyst. Former national team coach for Puerto Rico, Denmark and Chile. Account holder of Instagram and Facebook @SynchroSwimCoach sharing tips, technique, choreography ideas and anything that helps make #synchro a majority sport.
Natación artística. Natación sincronizada. Plan de entrenamiento. Artistic swimming. Synchronized swimming. Training plan.

Why is it important to have a good training plan?

Are you one of those coaches that feel like you want to achieve more, but always get frustrated, because you don’t have enough time to cover every little technique to perfection in our sport?  Welcome to the club. That is...

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Remada Americana. Support Scull.

Artistic Swimming tricks: the Support Scull

Howdy! @SynchroSwimCoach Leilani Torres here! I want to share with you one of the many ways the wall can be our best friend. Ways in which we usually use it: Vertical line – in vertical, bent knee, crane. Pike position....

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Eggbeater: how to get a higher height?

Hey there, @SynchroSwimCoach here, Leilani Torres ;) A super quick tip so you can get your best height in Eggbeater.  First, you must understand that execution is key to make this movement work. Eggbeat execution: Draw circles with your feet....

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