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Pili Caviedes / (ESP) Coach en vida saludable

(ESP) Amante del deporte, la cocina y alimentación saludable. Profesora Educación Física, con estudios de Nutrición y Diplomado en medicina naturopática y nutrición ortomolecular. Socia-Fundadora de Buonmangiare (movimiento de vida sana y coaching nutricional). Gimnasta por más de 15 años, ahora nadadora master y desde hace pocos meses aprendiendo Sincro para participar en Panamericano Master Orlando 2018 en ambos deportes. Preparadora Física para natación y nado sincronizado. Realiza coaching en vida saludable para deportistas y personas que quieran cambiar su alimentación.
Batidos. Smoothies.

5 natural smoothies’ recipes for athletes

Athletes have a high energy expenditure and, in addition, lose water and electrolytes through sweat. The smoothies are a way to get a healthy and rich food that gives you all the nutrients. They are easy to take and digest,...

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Buena piel, cuidar mi alimentación. Good skin.

How can I take care of my diet to have good skin?

The cellulite and the stretch marks are the enemies when I want to show off my legs and, above all, it is for athletes who also look for the aesthetic part in their discipline. These are undesirable cells and correspond...

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Proteins in a swimmer’s diet synchronized swimming

Proteins are essential for any athlete, there are animals and vegetables and whatever the style of feeding that you carry, you must eat protein. The proteins are formed of amino acids of which there are some that must be contributed...

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