Tensi Graupera, jueza de natación sincronizada

Tensi Graupera / Synchro Judge

Recognized judge born in 1950, graduated in Contemporary History and in degree with tense "Olympism-Politics, 100 years of common life". She has won 21 sports awards and has been a judge in major international competitions. Since 1969 she has been a Synchronized Swimming Judge in school, regional, national and international competitions. In 2000 she began training as a trainer of the International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA) in different clinic training centers for synchronized swimming judges in America and Europe. Hortensia has worked in the state and regional administrations of the sport world for 44 years, until in 2013 he decided to retire.

How judges score figures in synchronized swimming?

As we know, a figure is a combination of basic positions and transitions made as defined by the FINA Rules Book and, of course, the Judges and Coaches Manual broadens us and specifies the basic principles to judge them. To score...

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When and why do we put zero in Synchronized Swimming?

Well with the new regulation, this possibility is repeated! Today we will refer to the technical routines. As happens in figure competition, if one or more swimmers omit all or part of an element, or execute an incorrect action on...

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What and how is scored in the synchro? Today the figures!

As I suppose you already know, the way of punctuation has been changed in the synchro figures, that is, the how, but not the what. While the WHAT continues to be the same: consider basic DESIGN and CONTROL and all...

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