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Natación artística. Natación sincronizada. Plan de entrenamiento. Artistic swimming. Synchronized swimming. Training plan.

Why is it important to have a good training plan?

Are you one of those coaches that feel like you want to achieve more, but always get frustrated, because you don’t have enough time to cover every little technique to perfection in our sport?  Welcome to the club. That is...

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Boost. Natación Artística. Natación Sincronizada. Artistic Swimming. Synchronized Swimming.

Artistic Swimming Tricks: how to improve the Boost?

Hello Synkrolover! Already recovered from the holidays and with the body ready? Today we want to talk to you about the Boost and some of the tricks used by the people who make them higher: The main characteristic that never...

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Natación artística. Artistic swimming. Natación Sincronizada. Synchronized swimming. Motivación. Motivation. Aprender a perder. Learn how to lose.

Positive attitude and motivation: how to learn to lose?

"The fear of failure is the fear par excellence of athletes" Learn to lose? Every athlete always likes to win, but it’s not always possible, moreover, you always have to go through defeats to get up stronger and fight the...

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Natación Sincronizada. Natación Artística. Remar. Synchronized swimming. Artistic swimming. Scull.

Artistic Swimming Tips: where to scull?

Where to scull? Like in all sports, biomechanics is the science that helps us know how to improve technique. Knowing where to place the force and where to lift a weight or push ourselves is the key to making our...

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Giros en Remada Americana. Turning in Support Scull.

Artistic Swimming tricks: turning in Support Scull

Happy last day of the year, Synkrolover! Today to help you start better in 2019, I want to share with you this article about the turns in support scull: The turns in support scull are in the figures and the...

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Synchronized swimmings spins. Tirabuzones de natación artística.

Artistic Swimming Tips: verticality in the Spins

Very often, we see the spins off the axis and, if you notice, they "fall" much more to the left than to the right. To fix a problem we must always ask ourselves: why does it happen? Here we leave...

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