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    In this video we can see the swimmer of the Russian team Natalia Ischenko in the free championship of London 2016 doing a solo free. With the beautiful song by Io Ti Penso, Amore by David Garrett & Andrea Deck as soundtrack. Natalia Ischenko does a beautiful choreography, with an admirable energy and precision.


Artistic swimming video: free routine in London 2012

As a lot of you already know, Synkrolovers is the reference page in synchronized swimming. In it we provide tips, tricks, news and artistic swimming tutorials. In addition, we also dispose of a synchronized swimming store where you can find...

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Natalia Ischenko: Only in the 2016 London championship

Synkrolovers is the place where you can find tutorials, current news, artistic swimming tips. In addition, you can also find specialized products in our artistic swimming store; in this one you will find hats, glasses and synchronized swimming swimsuit. We...

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Ona Carbonell in Japan Open 2017

In today's video we will see Ona Carbonell at the Japan Open 2017. As you know, Synkrolovers is the place to find tutorials, news, artistic swimming tips. In addition, you can also find specialized products in our artistic swim shop;...

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Synchronized Swimming Videos: The free combo at the French Open 2018

In today's article about synchronized swimming videos we want to show you what the Spanish team did in the category of free combination in French Open 2018. This audiovisual content can be found on our channel Synkro Tv in which...

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Gemma Mengual and Pau Ribes: Kazán 2015

Today we show you the synchronized swimming video in which we can see the choreography performed by Gemma Mengual and Pau Ribes for Kazan 2015, thus inaugurating the mixed category in synchronized swimming. The purpose of Synkrolovers is to make...

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Campeonato europeo londres 2016

Synchronized Swimming Videos: European Championships London 2016

Today we want to present you a synchronized swimming video in which you will see the swimmers of the mixed category Pau Ribes and Berta Ferreras in the European Swimming London 2016. To which, by the way, we did an...

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