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    By performing these simple exercises to work the insteps at home we will gain strength, extension and control in the feet. You can also do them anywhere. Remember that the goal is to have as much control of the feet as we have them in our hands. Convert feet made to walk on feet to teach.

Remada Americana. Support Scull.

Artistic Swimming tricks: the Support Scull

Howdy! @SynchroSwimCoach Leilani Torres here! I want to share with you one of the many ways the wall can be our best friend. Ways in which we usually use it: Vertical line – in vertical, bent knee, crane. Pike position....

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Eggbeater: how to get a higher height?

Hey there, @SynchroSwimCoach here, Leilani Torres ;) A super quick tip so you can get your best height in Eggbeater.  First, you must understand that execution is key to make this movement work. Eggbeat execution: Draw circles with your feet....

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Synchronized Swimming Tricks: Vertical with angles

Vertical with angles This article about vertical with angles is for advanced level of Artistic Swimming, but also for those who want to try and be inspired for the future. Although you do not control much yet to make these...

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Synchronized Swimming Tricks: Work the points at home

Work the points at home In today's article we will deal with a topic that you have asked us many of you: work the points at home. It gives the impression that having good or bad points starts is a...

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How to use the ballet elastic band in the water

The ballet elastic band in the water Today we talk about this widely known tool in Ballet and the various possibilities for Artistic Swimming: The Ballet Elastic Band.   Its objective is not only to gain flexibility, but also strength....

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Advices about how can you go higher on the barracuda

From Synkrolovers we publish an article dedicated to advising on how to go higher on the barracuda! In our channel Synkrolovers Tv we publish the video so you can see better how to make a good barracuda. As you know...

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