Synchronized Swimming Tricks: Vertical with angles

Vertical with angles

This article about vertical with angles is for advanced level of Artistic Swimming, but also for those who want to try and be inspired for the future. Although you do not control much yet to make these kinds of movements, you can always try it until it comes out one day!

What you need to think to do a correct technique and execution is pure mechanics: know where the weight is and how to apply the strength to hold it.

If you lean the legs, the weight is out of the vertical and therefore the body should be placed slightly below that weight. Why? So that the scull is effective, and that the strength you make is really useful and makes you achieve the maximum height. Many times I see swimmers pretending to make angles with a wrong scull position, the result is loss of balance or lack of height.

In this article I present 3 examples of vertical with angles:

1.- Vertical leaning:

It can be done with support scull, but my recommendation is to do it only with the arm that supports all the weight and torpedo with the other. In addition this torpedo hand can push water to the side and thus increase the traveling if desired. At the end you have a video to see it, do not worry!

2.- Pike or arched verticals

In support scull it is better to maintain height longer. In arched position you can also do torpedo and get the same height, but it is worse if you have to come back to support scull to continue with other movements. For pike angles (vertical on your nose) it is better to scull forward and not to open the angle of the arms too much (the weight is in front). For arched angles (vertical on your back) it is better with very open scull without close it too much, since the weight is behind.

3.- Leaning and turning

This is the most difficult one, it is easy to lose your balance, but if you have a good abdominal it is much easier. Same scull than in point 1, but here the two hands help to turn. When you close the support scull hand, it pushes more water than usual and the torpedo hand also pushes every time it opens.

Take a look at the video and you will see everything that I explained about vertical with angles. I hope it will be useful to increase the difficulty in your routines and to make more evolved elements. Come on, challenge yourself and try it!

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