Synkrolovers’ second Christmas

In this month of December in Synkrolovers, as for any athlete, it is time to take stock of the year: successes achieved and challenges and objectives still pending to be accomplished. We are proud to say that in Synkrolovers we have not stopped working for the synchro nor a single day since our birth, almost two years ago.

It has been a long time since that day in which the current US head coach, the Olympian Andrea Fuentes, inaugurated us. Always ambitious, non-conformist and tireless, Andrea wanted to achieve two challenges with Synkrolovers:

– Create the place of reference for tips, training and synchronized swimming tutorials that she missed when she was a child.

– Make the Gela SYNKRO known to everyone, your solution to avoid the horrible smell of fish tail in the synchronized swimmers’ hair. (Andrea never liked the smell of fish on her head).

And so Synkrolovers was born,

The world’s first synchronized swimming magazine!

Throughout this 2018 we have had several successes: we have published interesting exclusives about the news of our world, new tutorials according to your requests and dozens of synchronized tips, videos and specialized articles.

One of the most remarkable feats of this 2018 was the presentation of our exclusive SynkroSkale synchronized swim suit. Now when we ask ourselves: “what is the best synchronized swimming swim suit?” We already have a clear answer: the SynkroSkale from Synkrolovers! This synchronized swimsuit is, without a doubt, the best swimsuit for synchro practice. Whether for you or to make a synchronized swimming gift, do not miss this opportunity.


Remember that Synkrolovers is a project for to support and promote the world of synchronized swimming and that your support is fundamental and essential in order to make the synchro an even bigger sport.

You can collaborate with us by contributing your photographs, your suggestions, we are open to collaborations and, of course, do not miss our Synkrolovers store, where you can find a wide variety of specific products and gifts for synchronized swimmers.

Some of the most popular synchronized swimming gifts are:

Synkrolovers Diary: it is the guide and notes space for every synchronized swimmer. It favors the order, discipline and improvement of the smallest ones; although being so pretty, older people also like it a lot, and it is equally practical!

SVELTUS Waterproof Bands: the elastic bands that we have in Synkrolovers are of high quality for a long duration, fully adjustable and prepared for its water use. This is a very nice gift for a synchronized swimmer!

Synkrolovers sweatshirt and t-shirt: the Synkrolovers sweatshirt is a high quality gift (soft and durable), and it’s a super useful piece of clothing to avoid getting cold when you are getting out of the pool. Also in shirt, with style and only for the most Synkrolovers: Five, Six, Seven, Eight!

Books for athletes: one of the most successful publications of this 2018 was the one we did about books for atheletes. Do not miss it!

Synkrolovers Towels: Andrea’s favorite is the” Kolesnichenko” model but she also loves the “Carbonell” model. Do you not know in honor of whom…? Even so, the “Mermaids” model is the synchronized swimming towel that we like to buy most for our clients; maybe it’s because of that cool design!

Contact us if you want to collaborate with Synkrolovers and you do not know how!

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