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SynkroSkale Combo – Complete swimsuit

SynkroSkale Combo – Complete swimsuit

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This exclusive suit for artistic swimmers is the first technical suit that helps you to be better in synchro.

The SynkroSkale Suit is the first swimsuit that according to the FINA regulations tells you what score you are reaching in each figure, barracuda and eggbeater movements. This is very useful for beginners as well as for pros and coaches who need to keep track of the athlete’s performance. It also allows the swimmers to control the evolution and to mark the goals of improvement: finally seen clearly from out of the water!

The Combo, which is made up of a suit and leggins, is presented in different sizes. WRITE US IF YOU NEED DIFFERENT SIZES BETWEEN THE SUIT AND THE LEGGINS! YOU CAN CHANGE SIZES ON ORDERS (ask for conditions) Professionals and coaches are already using it in swimming pools around the world: do not be the last one!

WARNING! The SynkroSkale Suit is carefully designed on request with an approximate delivery time of 30 days.

España 9,00€ - Envío urgente días laborables(48h)/aprox | 4,85€ – 1 semana/aprox
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Canarias 5,00€ – 1 semana/aprox
Europa 12,00€ - 1 semana/aprox
America 12,00€ – 1 semana/aprox


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